Nintendo doesn’t have very many exciting surprises in its eShop updates for this week, but you can at least find something new for all four of its online-enabled systems. Yes, even the Wii!

First up is the 3DS, which, as usual, receives the bulk of the new content. Starting today, you can download full versions of Mario Tennis Open, Pilotwings Resort, Pokémon Rumble Blast, and Bit.Trip Saga. With those five additions, the amount of 3DS games you actually have to buy in a store drops even further, which is good news if you’re reading this in the Midwest, because you’re probably buried under a mountain of snow right now and may never be able to leave your house again.

Two more DLC packs come to New Super Mario Bros. 2 this week as well: The “Mystery Adventures Pack,” which sends you through a series of courses filled with hidden secrets, and the “Impossible Pack,” which claims to have the “highest difficulty ever.”

If you prefer your 3DS games more bite-sized, you can get a handful of eShop titles this week as well, including the Game Boy classic Wario Land 2, the formerly WiiWare-exclusive EscapeVektor, pixel art puzzler Pix3D, horse simulator Riding Stables 3D: Rivals In The Saddle (which is an awesome name), and a demo version of 2 Fast 4 Gnomz.

Moving on to the Wii U, its only new additions this week are full downloadable versions of the recently released Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune games, both of which are based on extremely successful and long-running shows that encourage you to yell at your TV about stupid people.

Vampire Crystals

As for the DSi, it gets a holiday-themed spin on a popular slicing series with Cake Ninja: XMAS, strategy game Castle Conquerers: Heroes 2, and Anonymous Notes Chapter 3: From the Abyss. Despite that name, it’s actually not some kind of Nietzschean sexting application, but a “real action RPG with preeminent exhilaration set inside an infinitely-extending dungeon” (at least according to Nintendo), which is slightly more descriptive.

Finally, the Wii gets full and demo versions of Vampire Crystals, an isometric zombie-shooter that supports four-player co-op and looks pretty crazy based on the trailers at its official page.