Google has updated its field trial of new search features with further Gmail integration: Those who’ve signed up for the experimental features can now search for their online purchases (along with tracking packages), reservations, and events right from within the standard Google search.

Google first announced the search field trial in August, when it debuted basic Gmail integration for email, Google Drive documents, and flights. If you’re interested in testing out the new features, you can sign up for the trial here.

“To build the search engine I dream of, we need to make it truly universal,” Google’s search engine chief Amit Singhal told us back in August, “so you can do things that are not possible today.”

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Now, instead of sifting through their Gmail messages, trial users can search for “my reservations” or “my purchases” to find relevant information.

While the more pronounced Gmail integration will certainly rile privacy advocates, it’s clear that Google eventually wants to make its search engine about more than just what’s on the web. With Google Now on Android devices, Google is bringing similar integration to its mobile devices — Google Now learns your habits to warn you about potential traffic delays, and it automatically tracks packages for you.