Netflix Game Rentals

Tons of Netflix subscribers are apparently unable to escape the boredom of hanging out with their family members by streaming movies during Christmas Eve.

The disruption hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix on any of their proper channels, but several people have mentioned that they are unable to access the streaming video site via social media. Also, the site DownRightNow is reporting that Netflix is experiencing some kind of disruption, which is probably confined to the higher-trafficked regions of the country. (I’m currently in Nashville, Tenn., visiting family, and I’ve had no trouble drowning out my dad’s hilarious dad jokes with season one of The Super Hero Squad.)

The disruption has been going on for about four hours now (at the time this article published.) Hopefully, that will change later into the night when peak viewing times have passed.

The obvious downside to this situation is that tons of people are unable to watch movies tonight, which is extra unfortunate if you were all planning on watching a holiday-themed video. On the upside, you’re now free to spend quality time with your relatives.