If you were struggling with a game back in the day, you didn’t have very many places to go for help. Nintendo maintained a toll-free call-in service where players could talk to an expert who would help with the game — but that is no more.

In 2010, the publisher shuttered the Nintendo Power Line, as it was called, for good, but the company is finding other ways to share tips and tricks for its biggest titles. Like its YouTube account for New Super Mario Bros. U, which it is populating with short videos that show how to get certain star coins and 1UPs and how to perform difficult in-game feats.

Nintendo sent a Wii U message to New Super Mario Bros. U owners, alerting them of the channel’s existence. Thanks to the Wii U’s built-in browser, gamers can even navigate to the YouTube videos on the GamePad without closing the title.

The best part is that some of these videos reveal the platformer’s amazing level design. For example, you can see in this video how to beat the Acorn Plains “Way” stage without ever touching the ground:

So while the Power Line won’t ever return from¬†obsolescence, at least you don’t have to ask your parents for permission before getting help with you games anymore.

Via: Polygon