pbs silicon valley

When Bravo takes something you love and makes it into a spectacle, leave it to PBS to create something with real potential to be great.

The Public Broadcasting Service is airing a show called “Silicon Valley” (the same title as the Bravo reality show) for its American Experience series, as spotted by TechCrunch. PBS describes the show as one of the “longest-running, most-watched history series” and will feature those who “turned rural Santa Clara County into the hub of technological ingenuity we now know as Silicon Valley.”

The promo for the video, which you can see below, highlights those at the beginning of chip development in Silicon Valley. Specifically, it looks at the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957, who were then called the “traitorous eight” for leaving the Shockley Semiconductor Company. PBS instead heralds them as people who would change the world and make America a technology leader. It will further focus on Robert Noyce, who is known as one of the create of the circuit that would lead into the age of personal computing.

The traitorous eight started their company at a good time for technology, soon after Eisenhower created NASA to compete with the Russians in the space race, as PBS notes.

Those involved in the show include former Intel chief executive Andy Grove, famed investor Arthur Rock, and former AMD CEO Jerry Sanders.

Silicon Valley is set to air on Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It’s 90 minutes long.

Silicon Valley image via PBS