With all this talk of disruption in the enterprise, young founders should not underestimate legacy vendors. Business software behemoths like SAP and Oracle have their eye on the big trends, whether it’s cloud, “big data” or mobile computing, and are finding ways to filter out the most innovative technologies from the noise.

At CloudBeat, VentureBeat’s recent customer-focused cloud conference, I caught up with Sanjay Poonen, president and corporate officer at SAP, who specializes in technology and product innovation. That afternoon, Poonen was joined on stage by one of the company’s biggest healthcare customers McKesson to discuss ongoing concerns about the cloud and their reasons for selecting SAP.

In this ensuing discussion, Poonen revealed that SAP has hedged its bets on its own big data solution, known as HANA. He told me that IT will be “transformed” by big data. In 2013, he said, “a lot of the hype goes out [the door] and the substance starts to show up.”

Watch the video for more of SAP’s predictions on the big tech trends for the coming year.

SAP (Source) from VentureBeat on Vimeo.