Tomb Raider
In 2013, we’re going to get a new Lara Croft adventure where the young protagonist struggles to survive in the wild.

Tomb Raider may also give us a team deathmatch mode where eight Laras are all trying to shoot one another. Developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed it worked with Eidos Montreal to create a multiplayer mode for the March 5 Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC release, according to a teaser on Official Xbox Magazine’s website.

The Tomb Raider issue of the periodical will reveal the details about the multiplayer modes and characters. Nothing else is known at this time.

Eidos Montreal is handling the multiplayer, but that doesn’t really paint much of a picture since that studio has only released Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While that is a quality game, it didn’t have a multiplayer mode.

Tomb Raider is a reboot of the classic action-adventure series. The new installment takes a lot of inspiration from the successful Uncharted titles from developer Naughty Dog, which also introduced an unexpected multiplayer starting with the second entry in that franchise.