VB - LaunchBar

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If there’s one application that can speed up how you use your Mac, it’s LaunchBar. From quickly opening other applications to quickly searching for things on the web and more, LaunchBar is a must-have app to make you more productive with your Mac.

Right now VentureBeat has an offer that’ll save you 25% on LaunchBar. You can get this time-saving app at a cost of just $26 for a limited time at the VB Store!

Access files, folders, applications, contacts, calendars, your pictures, music, movies, the web, and essentially everything you need on your computer or on the Internet – with just a few keystrokes.

  • Browsing: Navigate folders, contacts, bookmarks, recent items, libraries or any other kind of hierarchy with the arrow keys to reveal related information.
  • Abbreviation Search: LaunchBar’s powerful, blazing fast adaptive abbreviation search technology allows you to find items just by typing short acronyms of their name.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Invoke LaunchBar quickly with a system wide hotkey, or just by tapping a modifier key.
  • Clipboard History: Preserve the data of your most recent Copy operations, and use the copied objects again later.
  • ClipMerge: Combine subsequent Copy operations into one single clipboard object just by pressing ⌘C twice.
  • Instant Send: The most efficient way to send files or text selections to LaunchBar, and then hand them over to applications, folders, email contacts, search templates, services and more.

We are so confident that LaunchBar will truly level up your productivity, that we are offering a 30 day refund policy – no questions asked.

Words legitimately can’t describe how much this program will increase your productivity. With over 1,000 features the ways in which your productivity can benefit from this app are nearly endless. So save some money today and save time going forward – head over to the VB Store page to pick up LaunchBar for just $25!

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