SpringpadJan. 2. The day New Year’s resolutions actually begin. As high-minded and optimistic as you may be about 2013 being “your” year, inspiration is only a small part of the battle. Keeping resolutions involves discipline, commitment, and organization.

This month, digital notebook service Springpad has launched a standalone site in honor of National Organization Month. Each day of the month features a notebook designed by tastemakers on topics like exercise, diet, budgeting, personal organization, productivity, travel, and party planning. Each notebook contains a comprehensive collection of advice, lists, and tools to help people achieve their goals.

The initiative is part of Springpad’s own New Year’s resolution to reach a wider audience. The company recently surpassed 4 million users, primarily made up of the tech early adopter market, and is trying to tap into the mainstream. The National Organization Month site features notebooks that people can not only use as a resource, but also as an example to create their own notebooks.

“We want people to use Springpad in a way that relates to their life,” said cofounder Jeff Janer in a recent interview with VentureBeat. “A lot of early adopters don’t like being told what to do, but our research has shown that with a more mainstream audience, they do not know where to start and want templates. The other thing that we have seen from the early adopter market is that it is skewed more male and business professional. There is a big audience out there that is more female-oriented, and these themes will appeal to them.”

Today’s featured notebook is titled “Organize Workouts with Lacey Stone,” a celebrity fitness guru. It includes links to her bootcamp videos, a gym-bag packing list, six challenging treadmill drills, at-home workout moves, a music “power playlist” and tips on staying motivated. Other health and fitness themed notebooks include “organize your juice cleanse” and vegan chef Jesse Brune’s healthy-eating meal plan.

For those intending to make 2013 a neat and tidy year, it has guides to organize your workspace, messy kitchen, cluttered garage, disastrous closet, pantry, and messy bedroom. Aspiring hosts can find guidance for wine parties, Super Bowl bashes, weddings, garden parties, and cocktail soirees. Users can follow specific tastemakers and receive notifications when they make additions. The goal is to make digital organization as useful and painless as possible.

“On the one hand, organizing things is like going to the dentist, you have to do it but you don’t want to do it,” said Janer. “It doesn’t have to be painful. It can be fun and it can be social. We want to be the last organizer you will ever need. It is a very non-tech message and where we are looking to go in 2013.”

Springpad primarily competes with Evernote, a popular digital notebook that has 45 million users and recently raised $85 million, bringing its total to a massive $251 million. While Springpad-the-company is a fraction of the size, many users prefer its Pinterest-style visual layout.

You can also use Pinterest to help you stay on top of your resolutions, as guest writer Danielle Small recently wrote.

Springpad is based in Boston and was founded in 2008.