Movie tickets

It was an exceptionally good year for online movie ticket service Fandango, according to new data released by the Comcast-owned service today.

Fandango saw a 57 percent surge in annual ticket sales for 2012, and a 34 percent increase in monthly visitors to its website and mobile platforms (including 31 million Fandango mobile app downloads). For perspective, the service bring in about 41 million monthly unique visitors, according to Fandango.

The service also said the number of ticket sales purchased through mobile devices increased 171 percent compared to the same period last year,accounting for over 30 percent of total sales.

At least part of Fandango’s huge growth can be attributed to the many big partnerships it forged, including a deal to sell tickets to the nation’s largest movie theater chain, AMC. Fandango also saw a bump thanks to ticket deals with both AOL Moviefone and Yahoo Movies, as The Wrap notes. It also helps that Fandango was the first (and currently only) ticketing service to offer integration with Apple’s voice control technology Siri on iOS 6, as VentureBeat reported back in November.

Fandango said it plans to increase reserved seating options and add additional mobile payment platforms in the future, which should help the service hold its momentum heading into 2013.

Fandango’s announcement is one of many significant announcements for the film industry. Not only are online sales of movie tickets on the rise, so are ticket sales in general. Current estimates show that consumers spent $10.8 billion at the box office in 2012.

Movie tickets photo via M Ishikawa/Shutterstock