The Last of Us

This is called The Last of Us. This takes place, like, after the apocalypse.

Jeez. These guys live out in the woods?

No, the world’s been overgrown because the world ended.

Oh. He looks like George Clooney. Oooo. This is after the end of the world?

Yeah, I think they’re zombies or something.

They look like zombies. Of course, they have to have swearing.

(We see a hanged body.)

I guess he couldn’t take it anymore. Oh, my! Yeah, there’s a zombie. I wonder how this ends.

How do you think it ends?

The good guys probably eventually beat the zombies.

Maybe. What did you think of that one?


Some of it takes place in Pittsburgh. (We live about an hour away from there.)

I’m a Cleveland fan.