Seduce Me

In September, GamesBeat interviewed Miriam Bellard about Valve booting her sexually explicit game from Steam’s Greenlight service.

Now, Seduce Me is out and available direct from developer No Reply Games. It puts players in control of a man who is visiting a celebrity’s home. The goal is simple: Get involved with one of a handful of beautiful women. The gameplay mixes mechanics from card games and board games to create a lightly strategic role-playing experience.

The ESRB gave Seduce Me the AO, or “Adults Only,” rating and notes that it features strong sexual content, nudity, strong language, and use of drugs. While the graphics are mostly static and hand-painted, they do depict full-frontal nudity and sexual intercourse. Valve cited sex as the reason it denied Seduce Me access to the Greenlight program, in which Steam’s community votes for indie games they think should have a place in Valve’s digital-download store.

While Seduce Me is a piece of erotica, the developer claims it isn’t just some vehicle to display naked women in sexual situations.

“I don’t think that the game objectifies women,” Bellard told GamesBeat in September. “I have made an effort to give the women both a personality and a voice. In the game itself, the women are more than just their bodies.”

Gamers can judge that for themselves now that it’s available to download. Seduce Me goes for €12.99 on No Reply’s website, which comes to about $17.13 at the current exchange rate.