Xbox Live cloud storage

Last week, we reported on Xbox Live’s cloud-storage troubles. Microsoft just updated its Xbox Live status page to confirm it is again suffering from those issues.

Users are reporting that they cannot access their game saves and user data that they have stored on Microsoft’s cloud storage. Known as “the cloud,” this is data saved remotely on an Internet server.

Additionally, Microsoft is also aware of issue users are having with redeeming, buying, and viewing Microsoft Points. We’ve contacted the publisher to determine if the two issues interrelate to one another.

Ironically, the aforementioned Xbox Live status page is also experiencing errors. When it is working, it states that Microsoft is working on the problems and will update the status of the issues with any new information every 30 minutes.

In the wake of the last cloud-storage outage, Microsoft gave everyone affected a free month of Xbox Live Gold.

We’ll update this story with any new information.