big fish

While companies like Nvidia, OnLive, and Gaikai break technological barriers to make cloud-gaming work with graphic-intensive hardcore games, Big Fish Unlimited is happily serving up over 150 casual games to its fans on the web.

Now, Big Fish is planning to release the Big Fish Unlimited platform on Windows 8 as a native application. Microsoft will publish the service, which streams casual games from the cloud.

“We are thrilled to support the innovative new Windows 8 platform with Microsoft Studios,” said Big Fish general manager of cloud gaming Will O’Brien. “Windows 8 and Big Fish Unlimited are a perfect match. Already live today on the web and Android tablets, Big Fish Unlimited will undoubtedly delight new customers on Windows 8 devices.”

Big Fish players can subscribe to the Unlimited service for a $7.99 monthly fee, and a rotating roster of ad-supported free games are available for anyone to play. Big Fish Unlimited syncs all game progress on its remote servers, so gamers can start a campaign on Windows 8 and pick it up on a tablet device.

Users can even connect to their Xbox Live gamertags to unlock Achievements on the service.