Popular social video chat app ooVoo has added a new feature called “Watch Together” that lets up to 11 people watch a YouTube video and video chat at the same time.

New York City-based ooVoo claims to have more than 70 million registered users, and comScore estimates the service has 25 million monthly active users. Just a few months ago, it said it was adding 1 million users every two weeks. About 65 percent of the apps’ are under 25 years old.

ooVoo President Jay Samit told me Watch Together was the app’s most requested feature among its young audience was the ability, and something that Google+ has offered with its Hangouts feature for quite some time. The big difference? Hangouts only lets you watch a video with nine of your friends while ooVoo bumps that up to 10. ooVoo also lets up to 12 people video chat at the same time, so the the app replaces one of the people with the video. It sounds like fun because you can see the reactions of your friends or family while you watch videos.

“Watch Together was the most requested feature by our users,” Samit said. “You can laugh together and share together. It’s as simple as that.”

The Watch Together feature also allows users to search for YouTube videos inside ooVoo video chat or let any chat member change the video or adjust playback. It also displays trending YouTube videos and popular videos among ooVoo users for easier selection.

Watch Together will be “available initially” for users of ooVoo’s Windows client. It will likely come later for Mac, iOS, and Android versions of ooVoo.