friendsToday’s funding news has a distinctly friendly tone. Not only are all of the deals today from friendly angel investors, but the companies all work to build community in some way as well. RoomHunt connects roommates to find a desirable living situation together, while online community news sharing site Reddit opted to raise far less than it could, considering its high valuation. The absence of enterprise, cloud, or data funding announcements is slightly alarming. Like the calm before the storm.

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New apartment rental marketplace lets hunters search for shelter in packs

RoomHunt is launching today to not only simplify finding a place to live but also finding people to live with. It is a website that aggregates rental listings from various sources and connects them with social networks. Those looking for a home select the neighborhood and number of bedrooms they desire, and it filters the listings by lowest to highest by bedroom price. From a listing, a “Find Roommate” button notifies their social network that they are looking. RoomHunt is only active in San Francisco’s 37 neighborhoods, but has plans for national expansion. The two founders have raised $85,000 and said $25,000 is “hard committed.” Angel investors include Alex Roasti, Errik Anderson, and Randy Brunson. Read more on VentureBeat. 

Reddit seeking a new angels-only $1M funding round

Reddit is apparently raising a fresh round of funding that could help propel the site forward in its delicate pursuit of translating its popularity into profitability, reports AllThingsD. Reddit certainly qualifies as a hot property, bringing in upward of 3.8 billion monthly page views and over 46 million monthly unique visitors. However, the community news sharing site is said to be seeking only $1 million, which is a mere fraction of what Reddit could raise, but the smaller figure makes sense considering Reddit’s pre-funding valuation. It is said the new round will consist entirely on angel investors. Read more on VentureBeat.

Whisk throws $800,850 into its hot pot

After placing as runner-up on BBC1’s The Apprentice in June, Nick Holzherr used his fleeting celebrity to launch a food app called Whisk. This app simplifies food shopping by turning collections of online recipes into shopping lists, keeping in mind things such as servings and portion amounts. Once complete, it cross-references these lists with online grocery services to create a fully stocked shopping basket in one click. The app also works out how much of any given ingredient will be leftover to suggest future recipes, as well as take it off the list for next time. Lord Sugar, the show’s British version of Donald Trump, was skeptical about Holzherr’s idea and opted not to fund him. Now, Whisk has received over £500,000 ($801,150 U.S.) in angel investment to continue development.

Friends that code together, stay together 

FriendCode launched in beta today and announced $150,000 in seed funding from Kima Ventures and Javier Gonzalez. FriendCode is a web application that enables developers to code in the browser. This social, cloud-based environment allows for easy collaboration, code editing, and project management. It integrates with Dropbox, Github, and FTP servers and is searchable.

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