Android HDMI stick console

GameStick’s Kickstarter surged past its $100,000 goal a mere 30 hours into the campaign. Now, PlayJam — the developer behind the Android-based gaming console — has some new plans up to $560,000 in its sights.

GameStick is a teeny tiny thumb-drive-sized HDMI device that fits into a television input. It then operates as a full gaming console for Android games. It’s similar to the Ouya console, which raised north of $8 million on the crowdfunding site.

With 22 days left to raise money, the Kickstarter campaign sits at over $270,000. That prompted PlayJam to introduce stretch goals at $320,000; $450,000; and $560,000.

  • $320K goal — Users will get a choice of color between black and white.
  • $450K goal — PlayJam will add red to the previous two choices and a fourth color based on a popular vote.
  • $560K goal — Every GameStick console gets a MicroSD card slot to expand the device’s storage capacity by up to 32GB.


To vote on the fourth color that unlocks at the $450,000 level, head to GameStick’s Facebook page. I’m gonna vote for puce.

Obviously, the big thing here is the MicroSD slot. GameStick already provides owners with unlimited cloud storage in addition to the unit’s built-in 8GB capacity, but gamers were hoping for more. They might not always have full access to the Internet — especially if they’re traveling.

A 32GB card will expand the system’s storage space to 40GB, which is a lot for Android games.