Pokemon x y Pokémon

They’re big, legendary, and have difficult-to-pronounce names.

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that it will release Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the 3DS handheld in the fall. Today, the company gave us a small scoop on the pair of Legendary Pokémon that appeared in the trailer for the new games.


Xerneas is the rainbow-antlered buck found in the woods at the end of the debut trailer. The name is pronounced as “ZURR-nee-us.”


The deer-like creature appears to take inspiration from the Forest Spirit from animator Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke movie.


Yveltal is the glowing, red Legendary bird from the trailer. The name is pronounced “ee-VELL-tall.”

Pokémon X and Y

This fowl emits a bright red light from its chest like those light-up shoes that kids wear.

Nintendo’s initial reveal for the sixth generation of Pokémon already gave fans a glimpse at the three new starter pocket monsters.

Chespin is a chipmunk-like grass-type, Fennekin is a fire-type fox, and Froakie is a blue, water-type frog.

I already know that I’m a Froakie man. How about you? Which starter are you going to choose to help you track down Xerneas and Yveltal?