Microsoft today confirmed its acquisition of home-automation startup R2 Studios, the small company founded by Slingbox creator Blake Krikorian. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

News of the sale broke last week and was followed by Krikorian’s resignation from Amazon’s board to avoid a possible conflict of interests, as VentureBeat previously reported. R2 Studios is known for developing technology to display digital media on TVs as well as its automation control technology for household appliances, heating, lighting, and more.

Under terms of the deal, Microsoft is appointing Krikorian as vice president of its Xbox interactive entertainment business. And while little has been revealed about exactly what his role will be within the company, it seems likely Krikorian will focus on integrating R2 Studio’s technology into Xbox SmartGlass, a second screen platform that lets you interact with the Xbox through tablets and smartphones.

The move also futher signals that Microsoft is continuing its plans to push the Xbox beyond its origins as a video game console.