fruit ninja on TCL touchscreen TVFruit Ninja is the popular fruit-slicing game that took off on touchscreen smartphones such as the iPhone. Now you can play it on a giant touchscreen TV.

I passed by the booth of TCL today at the Consumer Electronics Show. I saw a game of Angry Birds being played across three connected displays. And I also saw this woman playing Fruit Ninja on an UltraSurface TV. You control Fruit Ninja with slicing gestures. In contrast to gesture-based game systems like the Wii or Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360, you directly put your hands on the glass in this game.

It sure looks fun, but it seems like the market for apps that do this is limited to gesture games and maybe art applications. Otherwise, I’d rather be 10 feet away from my TV, rather than right up close to it.

Check out the video here.