Each year at CES, technology companies plan a host of announcements, soon-to-launch product demos, and tease prototype designs for the future of consumer electronics.

But with the sheer volume of announcements and shiny new toys, it’s easy to lose sight of the big trends from this year’s show. Not only did device makers unveil a new generation of ultra high-definition televisions, but there were also things like waterproof smartphones, gaming tablets, and web-connected car dashboards.

BestChoiceReviews came up with their own list of the hottest cameras, tablets, TVs, and more, as you can see from the infographic we’ve embedded below.

Keep in mind that this isn’t VentureBeat’s list of top trends — which should be hitting the site over the next few days — but you’ll find that the infographic does contain many announcements we covered at 2013 CES.

2013 CES Trends infographic

Top photo by Dean Takahashi/VentureBeat; Infographic via BestChoiceReviews