This week, Nvidia unveiled its new mobile gaming platform Project Shield, the itty-bitty Android console GameStick gets in trouble on Kickstarter, and developer and publisher THQ loses it quick sale request and loan in its ongoing bankruptcy negotiations.

You’ll also find reviews for Anarchy Reigns, Seduce Me, and Noble Nutlings.

Project Shield

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Imprisoned Arma II developer helping DayZ map design from behind bars
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DayZ standalone entering prerelease testing soon
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THQ denied request for quick bankruptcy sale and loan

Mobile News:
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Nvidia unveils Project Shield, an open mobile game console you can play in the living room or on the run

Nvidia CEO’s 7-year journey to make the Project Shield portable gaming device (exclusive interview)

Razer Edge (1)

Nvidia’s Project Shield: Hands-on demo with the hot portable gaming system of CES (video)
Razer wants to satisfy gamer lust for tablets with the Edge (hands-on video)

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