sony one touch

Sony is showing that it’s got the “touch” — at least with its new One Touch tech.

Sony showed off its One Touch technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s based on near-field communications (NFC). With One Touch, you tap your phone to another device and automatically establish a connection. Once you do that, you can begin a data transfer. If you tap your phone’s NFC chip to the same spot on an audio player, the audio player will start playing the song on your mobile device. If you tap the phone to a TV remote, you can transfer a photo from your smartphone to the TV screen. The same happens with a video.

NFC has a short range of just a few centimeters. Once you establish the connection, the devices complete the data transfer using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, depending on what is built into your consumer electronics gear. The transfer of one screen to another is known as remote mirroring, and it was a very popular trend at CES. The trend should really help people who want to show YouTube videos or family pictures on a big-screen TV. The Sony One Touch feature will also work with a backup device. And with One Touch, you will no longer have to manually pair an audio headset or ear piece. You just pair them via One Touch.

Of course, it only works with Sony devices, not across a bunch of manufacturers. When the day comes when you can use NFC across manufacturers, it will truly be useful.

Here’s a video demo below.