No. 3 PC maker Dell’s stock has skyrocketed 13 percent on a report that the company is “in talks” to go private.

Bloomberg reported today that Dell has discussed going private with at least two private-equity firms. That said, the discussions are early and could fall apart at any time.

Dell has struggled in recent years to continue making serious cash off the declining PC market, so it has moved to offer more enterprise-focused services. Dell bet heavily on the enterprise with its $2.4 billion acquisition of Quest Software.

The rumors of taking company private shot the company’s stock up quite a bit. The stock opened trading today at $10.88, but hit an intra-day trading high of $12.83, a more than 13 percent increase.

Check out Dell’s stock price jump in the chart below:

DELL Chart

DELL data by YCharts

Photo via Flickr/Dell