First-person shooters on the Nintendo DS were a somewhat shaky concept, but developer Renegade Kid created three games in the genre for the dual-screen handheld and became a fan-favorite studio in the process.

The developer revealed that it is working on a new FPS for the Nintendo 3DS eShop digital-download store. This is a completely new intellectual property and not a new installment in the Moon or Dementium franchises that Renegade Kid first established on the DS.

Renegade cofounder Jools Watsham revealed the project on Twitter, where he also said the shooter won’t have multiplayer so that the team can focus on the campaign.

This is the first FPS announced for the 3DS. Renegade Kid will use the 3DS’s Circle Pad Pro, which adds dual-analog stick functionality to Nintendo’s device.

Watsham recently made headlines when he wrote a blog that claimed Renegade Kid would stop developing for the 3DS if hackers find a way to pirate software on it. His team believes piracy hurt the second Dementium: The Ward game at retail.