Since Nintendo revealed the upcoming 3DS entries in the Pokémon series last week, it’s slowly leaked out more and more info.

Today, the company provided GamesBeat with the first official artwork for the three starter creatures and the two Legendary Pokémon in the games. Fans got a good look at Pokémon X and Y’s starters (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie) in the reveal trailer, but lens flare and other lighting effects obscured the Legendaries (Xerneas and Yveltal) somewhat in that video.

Nintendo will debut Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS this fall. This marks the sixth generation of developer Game Freak’s animal-catching/battling role-playing games.

Here’s a bunch of new art:

In addition, Nintendo also provided the specs for its X and Y Legendaries.

  • Xerneas: 9’10” tall and 474 lbs. 
  • Yveltal: 19’0″ tall and 447.5 lbs.

That’s some heavy pocket-monstering.

Pokémon is one of Nintendo’s most important franchises. It continues to sell to a dedicated audience while successfully bringing in young new fans with each iteration.

Each Nintendo handheld since the Game Boy has seen a major release. X and Y will push 3DS sales to the next level as Pokémon fans move on from the DS to the latest handheld to keep up with the series.