Samsung Galaxy S III

If Samsung had any New Year’s resolutions, modesty certainly wasn’t one of them.

The Korean electronics giant announced today that shipments for its Galaxy S phones have reached a staggering 100 million. The news comes nearly three years after the release of the Galaxy S, which got this whole thing started.

While the Galaxy S II launched the Galaxy line into mainstream consciousness, it was the phone’s successor, the Galaxy S III, that took that popularity to an entirely new level. Samsung says that it sells roughly 190,000 of the phones per day, which explains how the device became the world’s best-selling phone last November.

Much of Samsung’s success can be pinned on marketing. The company spent roughly $11 million advertising its products last year, according to estimates from Asymco’s Horace Dediu. Those marketing efforts have clearly made a big difference, especially in comparison to relatively quiet companies like HTC.

It also helps that Samsung doesn’t shy away from creating Galaxy variants for just about every market, demographic, and price point. Samsung released 37 devices in 2012 alone, and while none of the devices sold nearly as well as the Galaxy S III, all of them together contribute to the sort of numbers that Samsung continues to brag about.