After Ross Levinsohn departed as Yahoo’s interim CEO last year — a position many assumed he would keep indefinitely — there’s been speculation on where he’d end up.

Today it was announced that Levinsohn will become the CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media, a new umbrella company that includes several entertainment-minded news sites, including The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and Adweek.

The move isn’t very surprising, considering Levinsohn’s previous work experience. He began at Yahoo in 2010, with the goal of boosting Yahoo’s media properties, and was eventually named interim chief exec of the company after then-CEO Scott Thompson stepped down due to misinformation on his resume. His short stint (before getting the boot by current CEO Marissa Mayer) saw Yahoo make seemingly lucrative syndication/distribution deals involving Yahoo’s status as a web portal, such as those with Spotify and Dailymotion. Prior to that, Levinsohn was head of Fox Interactive Media — so, the man knows the media business.

As CEO of Guggenhiem Digital Media, Levinsohn will be tasked with maintaining success on its top web publications, boosting the company’s other properties and events, and identifying “new investments.” I’m guessing that means the new publishing umbrella company could acquire other web publications in the future.

Photo credit: Yahoo/Flickr