Zhonghao Digital phonograph

The nostalgia factor is a great way to market technology, now that many people who grew up in the computer age are getting older. That might be the thinking behind the “antique phonograph” LS-RO2 that Zhonghao Digital showed off in its booth at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This device has a real LP turntable and is crafted with real wood. But it can play multiple kinds of media, including vinyl records, AM/FM radio, compact discs, and music stored on a USB flash drive. The company’s brochure says, “excellent musical notes make your heart relax.” It goes on, “touching melody, abundant tone, strong flavour of romantic, all can bring you the completely fresh experience, and make the heart clean.”

We didn’t make that up. On the flip side of the brochure, it says, “Indulge in the old memory, follow up the music to rearch [sic] the passing feeling, evoking the moment from your deep spirit with music!”