Flash storage business Fusion-io has launched its new ioScale product line, which promises to make all-flash-memory data centers a more feasible proposition for companies.

Ideally, ioScale makes the all-flash-drive data center more practical for companies that rely on high-performance hardware. Each one of ioScale’s units provides up 3.2 terabytes of Fusion ioMemory capacity, with prices starting at $3.89 per gigabyte. By offering ioScale to companies who order a minimum of just one hundred units, Fusion-io likely hopes to outgun competitors like SolidFire.

Fusion-io claims ioScale’s big benefits include:

  • Up to 3.2 terabytes of capacity on a single half-length PCIe slot, which can enbable scaling to 12.8 terabytes or more and reduce the need for disk drive bays
  • Hyperscale servers supporting UEFI
  • High level endurance in all capacities
  • Compatibility with the Fusion ioMemory SDK

Fusion-io CEO David Flynn wants the ioScale product line to be there for forward-thinking and young businesses that are willing to embrace an all-flash-memory approach for data centers, specifically “hyperscale and cloud companies.”

“By making ioScale available to growing webscale and emerging cloud companies, Fusion-io is at the forefront of the transition to the all-flash hyperscale data center, powered by open-software-defined solutions,” Flynn said in a statement. “Hyperscale companies are an entirely different market with different needs compared to enterprise organizations.”

Salt Lake City-based Fusion-io was founded in 2006.

Data center photo via Supri Suharjoto/Shutterstock