I want to know that I’m smart. I need validation. I read the newspaper and listen to NPR, but what do I do with my information about the extreme poverty in Bangkok?

Developer TouchFrame knows what I can do with it: I can use it to prove I am more knowledgeable than Mike Tyson. Let’s ignore the possibility that I’m not.

TouchFrame released a new iPad game-show app called Braindex that pits players against celebrities in a battle of wits. It’s available now for free on the Apple App Store.

“Gaming and entertainment are the most popular app categories, so merging the two is a natural evolution for the marketplace,” TouchFrame chief executive officer Sam Rogoway said in a statement. “So much attention is misplaced on ‘second-screen’ apps, which leave a lot to be desired. Checking into a show is just not enough. We treat tablets and smartphones as ‘first screens’ and allow users to watch, play, and compete against friends — all from the same screen.”

Rogoway is talking about the tendency for iPad owners to use the iPad while watching television or doing something else. Braindex brings a full game-show experience to the iPad.

Briandex has a host, celebrity guests, and decent production values. It presents multiple-choice general-knowledge questions to the player and to the guest. The idea is to have more points than the guest at the end of the round. The developer will produce new rounds each week featuring other celebrities and people.

TouchFrame worked with production company 51 Minds Entertainment to help make the app feel like something you might see slotted between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

“As a TV producer, developing an interactive mobile app would be prohibitively costly and difficult, but partnering with TouchFrame [for] Braindex and tapping into their interactive video platform gives us the opportunity to engage our audience in a new and unique way,” 51 Minds Entertainment executive producer Cris Abrego said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to launching this app show and many more with TouchFrame.”

Celebrity guests include the aforementioned boxer Mike Tyson, actor Jason Mewes, and celebrity chef Rick Moonen.