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Samsung Digital Imaging is holding a global competition inviting 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries to prove that their city is the most photogenic! Samsung Digital Imaging and VICE Media Inc. have come together to celebrate the release of the all-new web connected GALAXY Camera. 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries will showcase the various features of the ground-breaking camera over an 8-week timeframe. Each week serves to highlight a different feature of the Galaxy Camera. All photography will be released through an interactive platform, allowing fans to vote for their favorite works at

VICE caught up with eight of the photographers to profile their approach in an 8-part video series providing a glimpse into the process of the world’s most prolific (and followed) Instagrammers. Here are the final three of the eight total photographers:

San Francisco: Michelle Grenier – Michelle loves the diverse landscape and microclimates of San Francisco. It’s not hard to find a love of photography when you live in a city that’s a perfect mix of natural beauty and energetic city life. In this video, we see the Samsung GALAXY Camera’s light trace mode that is designed to let you capture the beauty of lights in motion. It blurs the colors so they leave a trace. With more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, Michelle takes us on a journey of her city that’s born to shine.

Berlin: Thomas Kakareko – Thomas, who has more than 209,400 followers on Instagram, loves to weave his way behind the scenes while documenting the beauty of the city around every hidden corner. In this video, he uses the Waterfall mode, where the Samsung GALAXY Camera is designed to let you capture water as it’s moving. It blurs the motion, creating unusual, striking images.

Sydney: Lee Oliveira – Lee’s love of street fashion has gained him more than 40,000 followers on Instagram. Sydney’s beautiful climate makes for a fresh and exciting look at local fashion. In a veritable hub of Sydney street style, Lee has immersed himself in the sartorial world of photography and he uses the Landscape mode of the new Samsung GALAXY Camera to help him capture it. The Landscape mode is designed to let you take perfect pictures of the sky and scenery. It balances the image, to make the sky and landscape seem almost perfect.

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