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PointMMO, a portal for online games, has hit a milestone of a million unique visitors to date. The site is a web portal for massively multiplayer online games that enables players to get into a game quickly instead of waiting a long time to download client software.

The platform started its closed beta test in August and went into a full open beta in November. The Los Angeles- and Singapore-based company bills itself as the fastest way to get into more than 20 MMOs with a wide array of variety.

Players download a portion of the game before starting play. Players register at the sitem and then PointMMO installs a program that is about 500MB of data on your computer, much like the Unity 3D platform installs a plug-in to enable 3D gameplay. Then you can pretty much progressively download any MMO that is on the site.

PointMMO says that reduces the wait time for some games as much as 90 percent. Members of PointMMO get special promotions, and they are also alerted when their friends are playing.

“One million unique visitors to PointMMO is a major milestone, proving people want and need a dedicated platform for quickly and easily playing MMO games,” said Kay Gruenwoldt, the chief executive of PointMMO. “For our business partners, the conversion rates of getting people from the initial click to actually playing their games is about double that of campaigns that don’t use our proprietary technology and platform. We have really optimized the acquisition funnel and are providing both players and publishers with something that has a lot of value.”

PointMMO has 32 employees and it was founded in 2012. Rivals include Steam, Electronic Arts’ Origin, and Amazon. Unnamed private investors have funded the company.

Current MMOs featured on the platform include:
•       Age of Conan – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/age_of_conan/
•       Aika – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/aika/
•       Allods Online – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/allods_online/
•       Anarchy Online – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/anarchy_online/
•       Bloodline Champions –
•       City of Steam – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/city-of-steam/
•       Dino Storm – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/dino_storm/
•       District 187: Sin Streets –
•       Flyff – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/flyff/
•       Golfstar – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/golfstar/
•       The Guardian: Dark Ages –
•       GUNS and ROBOTS – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/guns_and_robots/
•       Hawken – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/hawken/
•       King of Kings 3 – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/king_of_kings_3/
•       The Lost Titans (Beta) –
•       Maestia: Rise of Keledus – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/maestia/
•       Rift – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/rift/
•       The Secret World – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/The_Secret_World/
•       SEVENCORE – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/sevencore/
•       World of Tanks – http://www.pointmmo.com/game/world_of_tanks/
•       World of Warplanes (Beta) –