As we talk to the leaders of the game business, we’re witnesses to history. So we’ve decided to make it easier for you to find our interviews with game developers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and other luminaries. We’d like to introduce you to the GamesBeat interview vault. This post has a listing for every interview that we published with game executives and other game industry movers and shakers during 2012. The 151 interviews appear in reverse chronological order, with the latest interview appearing at top.

The interview vault is similar to the GamesBeat review vault, which logs all of our past game reviews for 2012. You can also get to our latest interviews by clicking on the GamesBeat tab (on the left hand side of the main VentureBeat or GamesBeat pages) and then the interviews section within that tab. The interviewees include noteworthy game execs such as Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive of Activision Publishing, and John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment. Most of these are edited and shortened interviews in a Q&A format, so you can get a mostly unfiltered taste of what it’s like to talk to these folks.

We’ve also added our recent interview with Jen-Hsun Huang (pictured above), chief executive of Nvidia, talking about the Project Shield mobile gaming system.

What were our favorites? Well, the most hilarious interview was Sebastian Haley’s interview with comedian Jay Mohr, who hosted the DICE Summit Awards show.

Are there some people who you want us to interview in the game business in 2013? Let us know in the comments. And many thanks to David Smith for transcribing many of these interviews.


12/18 Guinness World Record holder breaks down his half-hour Dark Souls speedrun

12/18 Developer Ron Gilbert unravels the mysteries of The Cave and calls time of death on physical media

12/18 Double Fine’s unusually tough Tim Schafer on dancing games and being the anti-Willy Wonka

12/14 Crytek’s chief: Nothing will beat Crysis 3′s graphics for at least two years

12/12 Sony Online Entertainment chief says online frag game PlanetSide 2 is a smashing success

12/11 Why Company of Heroes 2 could warm the frozen real-time strategy market

12/6 With a new leader, Ngmoco shoots for mobile gaming empire

12/4 ‘Reverse Tetris’ puzzler Dream of Pixels may be critically acclaimed, but how is it selling?

11/24 A soldier’s perspective on Call of Duty and its ilk

11/11 Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt gives us the latest on the Wii U launch

peter vesterbacka

11/11 Angry Birds Star Wars tests just how far those funny birds can fly

11/8 Is Gree really spending money on user acquisition like there’s no tomorrow?

11/7 Why Ubisoft has eight games coming for the Wii U

11/5 Tapjoy’s ad network now reaches a billion mobile devices

11/2 Game developers, start your Unity 3D engines

11/1 343 Industries’ Josh Holmes on Halo 4′s love story, weaponry, and new enemies

11/1 Better graphics and physics gave designers more freedom for Halo 4 

mark-lamia big

10/31 Treyarch’s Mark Lamia promises that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will push gaming’s boundaries

10/30 How to find the secret website in Shadowgate’s Kickstarter video and more 

10/30 David Vonderhaar’s expert advice on how to get ahead in Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer

10/26 Scared s***less: Making live-action web films for Halo 4 fans

10/26 Developers team up with scientists to help make ‘smarter’ games

10/21 The explanation behind the ending of the Unfinished Swan

10/20 The story behind the emotional center of The Unfinished Swan

miss october
10/20 Playboy’s Miss October talks about gamer stereotypes and breaking into the game business

10/19 Here’s how you become an app store millionaire

10/16 Citadel of Sorcery is the most ambitious game you’ve never heard of 

10/15 Why Activision is making Call of Duty Elite into a free service

10/11 A successor to Nintendo Power magazine has less than 8 hours left to raise $5k on Kickstarter

10/11 Medal of Honor: Warfighter focuses on buddies and international warriors to boost multiplayer audience

10/10 Gaming luminary Trip Hawkins talks about a $400 mouse, his new gig, and gestural controls

10/7  Kixeye CEO says his company is aggressive, but not racist

10/6 Dead or Alive 5 director discusses Hollywood, eSports, and tips for beginners