shutterstock_93925705Whether you are churning out reps at the gym, leading a people’s revolution, or firing out emails on your iPhone, a firm grip is your symbol.

Apperian is an mobile app management platform that today announced receiving a strategic investment from Intel Capital.

Apperian’s cloud-based Enterprise App Service Environment  (EASE) platform helps enterprise customers apperian fistdeploy and manage their mobile business applications. Its logo of a clenched fist holding a smart phone bespeaks a commitment to “putting users ahead of the device; the man before the machine.”

The software connects mobile applications to backend servers and keeps all the information unified. There are also security features to keep data safe outside of protected networks, analytical tools, and features that brands can use to create customized app catalogs.

In this era of Bring Your Own Device, large companies are increasingly using mobile business applications to keep their employees productive on-the-go. Apperian keeps the deployment of these apps in tip top shape, and its services are in high demand. A statement issued this morning cites 276 percent growth in subscription business over the past year. Its customer base has doubled and its users, tripled.

This funding from Intel Capital will bulk up Apperian to lift this heavier client wait. While the exact amount was not disclosed, it was revealed that it brings Apperian’s total funding to $28 million. A little research and basic arithmetic leads me to believe that the funding comes to $4.6 million. Previous investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and North Bridge Venture Partners who contributed $12.4 million in March.

Apperian is based in Boston. Read the press release.