The Cave

Nintendo leaves its last-generation systems behind this week — with no new content coming to the original Wii or the DSi — but at least you will soon be able to play your Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Virtual Console purchases on the Wii U’s fancy tablet controller. At this point, Wii and DSi owners should probably just take what they can get (which, odds are, will be an old SNK game or something that is barely a game at all).

Moving on to more relevant platforms: Nintendo announced yesterday that it plans to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the NES by offering a big discount on a Wii U-optimized download of a different classic title every month until July. The party officially starts this week with the latex-themed air-combat sim Balloon Fight, which you can get now for only 30 cents. Wii U owners can also download the Double Fine adventure game (no, not that one) The Cave and the full retail version of wacky strategy/puzzler Funky Barn.

Funky Barn

On the 3DS’s eShop, you can now download the retail version of strategy-focused shooter Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, a demo of Brain Age: Concentration Training, and a variation on the classic Breakout arcade game called Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker. Also, just in case you need more ways to play NES titles, you can get Contra sequel Super C, which is already available on the Wii’s Virtual Console. So once you transfer it to the Wii U, you can play it on three systems at once. Technology!