Downton Abbey

I love me some aristocratic drama. The wildly popular Downton Abbey, which airs Sunday nights on PBS here in the States, follows a rich family and the many servants who live in the titular mansion.

The show overflows with romance, backstabbing, and intrigue, so it’s the perfect material for an SNES game … right?

As first reported by Tiny Cartridge, chiptune musical artist Bill Kiley went ahead and showed the world what Downton Abbey on the SNES would look like:

Kiley re-created the beloved Downton Abbey theme music in the style of SNES 16-bit music. He released the video to help promote his new musical arrangement, which he is selling on under a name-your-own-price model.

I have to say that Kiley did an excellent job capturing what the essence of Downton Abbey as a Super Nintendo game.

My favorite part? Matthew Crawley’s unreliable bowels, of course.