Eve Online Asakai battle 1

It’s kind of a mess. But what a strange and gorgeous mess it is.

As Joystiq reported, a large battle featuring 2,800 players took place this past weekend in CCP Games’ space-faring massively multiplayer online game Eve Online. Reddit user Admiral_Dovolski said the fight started as a small skirmish between the Liandri Covenant alliance and the Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly alliance after the latter invaded one of the Covenant’s towers on a “worthless moon” in the Asakai system.

From there, the battle ballooned exponentially as other factions warped in. Admiral_Dovolski posted an album filled with screenshots taken from the event, which you can see in the gallery below.

And if you think that’s nuts, take a look at this sped-up clip of the epic battle uploaded by YouTube user fatalascensioneve: