Facebook has updated its popular iOS application with the ability to record and share videos and voice messages, a big improvement to the already well-featured app.

The Facebook mobile experience is one of the most important aspects of Facebook these days because more than half of the social network’s 1 billion users are accessing the app through phones and tablets each month. And so, it must continue to make the native app experience better. Video recording is especially important, as Facebook can now encourage users to record and share directly on its platform, rather than via apps like Vine.

On top of the voice and video recording, Facebook has also improved the Nearby tab, which gives you information about restaurants and local businesses nearby.

The updated app promises the following additions:

  • Send voice messages when you have more to say
  • Record and share videos right from the app
  • Share and connect with your favorite places using the improved Nearby tab

Take a look at the new version of the app in the photos below:

Mark Zuckerberg photo via VentureBeat