Battlefield 3 screen

Updated with confirmation form EA on Frostbite licensing.

How does Battlefield and Dragon Age for Mac sound? Count on it, because EA is porting the Frostbite game engine to OS X.

Electronic Arts’ Digital Illusions CE (EA DICE) studio is hiring. The developer is looking for an OS X engineer to work on a Mac port of the Frostbite engine. This news comes less than a week after EA announced that its Origin digital-distribution service is coming to Mac.

Here’s part of the job posting on EA DICE’s website as discovered by website CVG (via CultofMac):

Frostbite is looking for developers who want to join us in taking our engine to the next level. You will be part of a team focusing on bringing Frostbite to Mac and work closely with game team customers and the Frostbite team to deliver an engine as great on OS X as it is on Windows and traditional console platforms.

The Sweden-based DICE developed the Frostbite engine, which powers several of EA’s big-name games, such as the Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age III: Inquisition. It doesn’t seem as if EA licenses the engine to outside developers (We received confirmation from EA that the engine is not licensed to external developers.) , as all games running on Frostbite are by in-house studios, so we can probably take this as a sign that EA games are coming to the Mac platform.