Pluto Media Pluto Learns Piano

Anyone can learn, but it’s much harder to create. Educational technology company Pluto Media wants to use the tablet revolution to help teach children how to create using its Pluto Learns Piano music app.

The company is announcing today that it raised $500,000 in a seed-funding round. Institutional investors include Learn Capital. Meanwhile, individual investors include Jennifer Carolan of NewSchools Ventures Seed Fund and Peter Relan of YouWeb.

Pluto plans to use the funds to expand its Pluto Learns Piano iPad app into a platform designed to teach children, help them create, and enable them to share their creations. Pluto only teaches music at the moment, but development will expand to include a variety of creative subjects. The technology company wants to use a one-app solution, so it won’t introduce a bunch of different products. Instead, it will continue to invest in the Pluto Learns Piano app to add more features to it.

“When you think about the world that we live in today, where touch-screen technology is so widely and readily available, we have the chance to not only help teach our kids,” said Pluto Media chief executive officer Luis Sampedro. “But to ignite a passion for learning — for our kids to be inspired to go out on their own and continue exploring their creative potential.”

This is Pluto Media’s second seed-funding round. The company raised a total of $1 million to date.