GamesBeat has reported on some of our favorite Minecraft creations to date, but none of them took over 100 builders to make. That’s what the team at Westeroscraft is claiming was required for their painstaking re-creation of King’s Landing from A Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones for the literary-challenged).

Sharing some recent images on Reddit, user pizzainacup says that the custom Minecraft map currently adds up to 35 GB of data, with around 3,000 unique buildings all hand-made and with “fully decorated” interiors:

But King’s Landing is just a taste of things to come as pizzainacup states that a Minecraft iteration of the entire Westeros content is about 70 percent complete, with the continent of Essos planned “one day.” You can view the map liveĀ here (when Reddit isn’t crashing the server) to see the ongoing progress.