HTC is starting the Mobile World Congress party a bit early this year.

The company has sent out invites to a February 19 event in New York City, where it’s expected to announce its newest hardware. Considering the event is just a week before the madness of Mobile World Congress, it’s clear HTC really wants the stage to itself for this one.

And what does the company plan to reveal? While I’m holding out for something like its tiny handset remote — honestly! — chances are the phone of the hour will be the iPhone 5-like M7 that leaked earlier this month.

With the February unveiling, HTC’s February plans are looking a whole lot like last year’s, when it revealed its S-series phones at Mobile World Congress. This launch, however, is much more important for HTC, which has been struggling a whole lot over the past few months. Is the worst over? HTC certainly hopes so.