This morning OpenTable announced that it’s bought food photo app Foodspotting for $10 million.

Launched in 2009, Foodspotting helps you discover new dishes by looking at pictures of what other people have eaten. It sounds simple, but it’s a model that helped Foodspotting raise $3.75 million in a pair of funding rounds.

Fortunately for Foodspotting fans, the OpenTable deal doesn’t mean that the Foodspotting app is disappearing. Instead, you can expect much more robust integration between the two apps over the next few months.

This is especially true for OpenTable, which will get a major visual upgrade from its new Foodspotting content. “By adding more visually compelling content to help people decide where to dine and discover dishes they’ll love, we hope to make it even easier to find the perfect table for any occasion,” OpenTable CEO Matt Roberts said in a statement.

Foodspotting has actually been working with OpenTable since last May, when its users started making reservations through the app.

Alongside the deal, Foodspotting CEO Alex Andrezejewski is joining OpenTable as a lead user interface designer.