Windows 8 Metro

Microsoft will offer a discounted version of Windows 8 Pro for students after the price of the OS goes up on Feb. 1, but anyone who wants to get in on Windows 8 can do so at an even lower price during the next two days.

While Windows 8 has been controversial, there are several reasons to buy the upgrade now, including faster PC performance and the fact that you don’t have to install it now. If you are a student, there’s no exception here — it’d be cheaper to upgrade now.

After Feb. 1, students will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $70, which is much cheaper than the $200 price to upgrade to Pro. The base price of regular Windows 8 will cost $120 after Feb. 1.

Microsoft will also host a “Windows Campus Tour” that will kick off February 18th and visit over 150 university campuses across the U.S. The deal on Windows 8 student pricing will extend to 49 additional countries by March 19.

Windows 8 has sold more than 60 million licences to date, but Microsoft has not revealed how many of these copies have been activated.