Sports picken

You know more about sports than your friends, and now you can prove it and maybe even win some memorabilia in the process.

Today, Steiner Sports, a sports marketing service and memorabilia dealer, and developer SportsPicker released the Steiner Sports Pick’Em platform. It’s is a branded sports-challenge game available on Steiner’s website.

The idea is that players can compete for prizes (like an autographed picture of Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter) by putting their sports knowledge to the test. Sports fans sign up using their Facebook account and then pick the winner in a series of games over the next few weeks.

Steiner and SportsPicker hope this will encourage sports geeks to challenge their friends, which would bring more people to the Steiner website.

“With Sports Pick’Em, players are transformed into brand marketers while they’re having fun and competing for valuable Steiner Sports prizes,” said SportsPicker chief executive officer Oren Kantor. “Players are eager to display their sports knowledge, so they typically do the company’s marketing for them by using social media to invite friends and sharing the results of their picks. It’s a win-win for Steiner Sports and the players, who have a shot at winning amazing prizes.”

In addition to the Derek Jeter autograph, Steiner is also putting up a $250 Steiner Sports gift card as a prize.

This is another example of how marketers are using games and gamification to encourage customer engagement. Players respond more eagerly to brands when a friend introduces them to it. Steiner has found a method that is compatible with its existing fan base and one that should appeal to potential future customers.