Resident Evil 6_funny_Jump

Some careful reconsideration by Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata may put the horror back in Capcom’s survival-horror series. Kawata says he wants to place more focus on “horror and fear.”

In an interview with website VideoGamer, Kawata said that “user feedback from the last couple of games” has caused him to “revise” his opinion of the series. This was in regard to comments he made in a March 2012 interview with Gamasutra. Back then, he said, “Especially for the North American market, I think the series needs to head in that [action-oriented] direction.” He added that games in the main series “need to be an extension of the changes made in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.”

Over the years, the series has gone from focusing on eerie set pieces and slow progression to adopting a more action-oriented, shoot-the-hell-out-of-anything-that-comes-your-way approach.

Kawata still believes that Resident Evil: Revelations, which released for Nintendo’s 3DS in February 2012, was a nice balance that “contains classic Resident Evil elements, but it also has features that modern gamers expect in a game. Hopefully, it can appeal to both camps.”