anonymous bank

While the Super Bowl distracted many people yesterday, hacktivist group Anonymous released a file reportedly containing personal information on over 4,000 U.S. bank executives.

Anonymous posted the file to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center’s .gov website. It lists phone numbers, log in credentials (through the passwords are hashed), and IP addresses for 4,000 banking officials who are identified next to each piece of information, according to ZDNet. The data dump is part of a new operation called “OpLastResort” that calls for computer crime prosecution reform.

It was also posted to Pastebin, an Anonymous-favorite content sharing website.

Earlier this month, Anonymous also hacked into the Department of Justice and defaced the website of the United States Sentencing Commission in the name of Aaron Swartz. Credited with cofounding Reddit, Swartz recently committed suicide while facing heavy sentences for stealing a large amount of files from JSTOR using MIT’s network. Anonymous threatened that unless we have some sort of reform on how these types of crimes are prosecuted, the group will release a “warhead” of information stolen out of that hack. What is in the warhead is unknown; Anonymous said it didn’t want to ruin the speculation by hinting at what it is.

Whether Sunday’s dump and this threat are connected is unknown.

The hack was further announced on the OpLastResort Twitter page, which will likely become a bull horn for Anonymous’ computer crime reform actions.

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