The Last of Us

Ted Price, president and CEO, Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank, Fuse)

OK, it’s hard not to say “Fuse” because I’ve been living and breathing that game for a long time, like many other Insomniacs. However, if you twist my arm really hard, I’m going to say The Last of Us. I’ve loved everything that Naughty Dog has done, and The Last of Us looks spectacular.

BioShock Infinite

Dean Takahashi, lead writer, GamesBeat

I’m split between BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us. I’m making an assumption by saying I’ll get to play these in 2013, but I’m betting on it. I’m thirsty for the kind of originality I’ve seen in the BioShock Infinite previews. It looks like the right combination of action, horror, story, artistry, and originality that I want to play. The Last of Us also seems very interesting because it amps up all of those things and has a dramatic intensity that I’ve come to love in Naughty Dog games.

Disney Infinite

Bill Trinen, translator, Nintendo

The game I’m most looking forward to that’s not coming from Nintendo is probably Disney Infinity. We’re big Disney and Pixar fans at my house, from the parks to the characters, the movies, and Oswald the Rabbit and the Epic Mickey games. So I expect Disney Infinity will be the kind of game that will bring the family together and that we’ll play together for hours on end.

The Last of Us

Dylan Cuthbert, founder, Q-Games (PixelJunk)

I think it would have to be “Last of Us.” I know Naughty Dog are going to give us an incredible experience of a story, and I want to see how they differentiate it from Uncharted.

Grand Theft Auto V

Maxime Béland, creative director, Ubisoft (Splinter Cell: Blacklist)

It’s hard to ignore any Grand Theft Auto game. I’m curious to see where they bring it, especially gameplay-wise and open world-wise. From a pure game design standpoint, GTA’s brilliant. It’s the best expression of freedom in games. You can do so many different things, and the GTA games are like, ‘I wonder if I can do this,” and then ‘Oh, fuck, I can! Yes!’ They’re fun to play and good to study.