Time to strap on those combat boots and get out your Nazi-killin’ weapons because Wolfenstein is on its way back … at least according to the résumé of one sound engineer.

Wolfenstein 3D is one of developer Id Software’s earliest first-person shooter releases. Now, a new game is supposedly due out this year from Swedish developer MachineGames.

Freelance composer Julian Beeston listed “Wolfenstein 2013” at MachineGames as one of his recent contracts on his personal website. The sound designer held the title of additional-dialogue-recording engineer on the project.

Beeston previously worked on games like Resident Evil 6 and Dragon’s Dogma, according to his IMDB page.

MachineGames is a newer studio founded by former members of Starbreeze, which made the Chronicles of Riddick games. Publisher Zenimax acquired the nascent developer in 2010 to work on an unannounced title.

In 2012, Zenimax and its subsidiary Bethesda Softworks purchased the Wolfenstein.com domain name from the franchise’s previous publisher, Activision.

Rumor was that MachineGames was working on a game called Project Tungsten. Voice-over and performance-capture director Tom Keegan lists MachineGames and Project Tungsten as a recent job on his website.

Even more telling, actor Alexander Leeb’s IMDB résumé lists his work as a “German soldier” in MachineGame’s Project Tungsten. His director on that project is Tom Keegan.

We’ve contacted Beeston and Bethesda Softworks about this revelation and will update this story with any new information.